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Amazing success with Lacasa at the only In-Person ECRM Event of 2022!

We had the pleasure to attend with Lacasa Chocolates the ECRM Candy Planning: Everyday & Summer Seasonal Program which was held in San Diego, California this past August.

During the event, HRS had the opportunity to present Lacasa, their capabilities, as well as their amazing and extensive product line of fine chocolate products to over 25 different retailers. This was the only in-person ECRM event to be held in 2022.

Lacasa was founded in 1852, and today, the company has four internationally certified manufacturing facilities throughout Spain. Lacasa handles the entire chocolate production process from the cacao pod to the finished product. This makes them one of the few chocolatiers that can claim to offer from bean to product items and allows them to offer continuous and complete quality control over each product they manufacture.



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