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Who We Are?

Global Partnerships In The Consumer Packaged Good Industry

Who We Are?

HRS Global is the world provider of outsourced sales, logistics, and advisory services to global food companies across the world that manufacture private brand products for the U.S. market.


Our organization will be your one-source solution for sales and supply chain needs while reducing your cost to market and providing greater efficiencies to your retail and manufacturer customers.


We are privileged to assist world-class companies in bringing their products to North American markets and introducing and placing with key retailers as well as source contract manufacturing opportunities.


Private Brands and contract manufacturing are our unique areas of expertise, and we lead companies to bring their products to retailer shelves. We act as our clients’ direct sales and distribution solution representing our clients as trained and experienced experts of their products.  


Working jointly with our manufacturing partners, we create strategic plans to penetrate the U.S. and Canadian markets to develop profitable, long-term businesses to achieve their goals.   We also provide solutions to supply chain activities as we have extensive experience in international and domestic partnerships.


Our roster of clients includes pladis global from Turkey, Kent Boringer from Turkey, GumlinkCC from Denmark, GKI from the U.S., Van Delft from the Netherlands, Lacasa from Spain, Evyap, Iskefe Holding, Dimes, Dardanel, and Mesh Tea from Turkey,  Arcor from Argentina manufacturing and logistics. Additionally, our team is well versed in detailing with national and regional North American retailers.

In a Meeting

Our Management Team:

Corey Hamilton, President:

Background includes senior management positions with PepsiCo, including General Manager Pepsi Russia, VP Operations, VP Franchise Sales, CEO Klever Marketing, Johnson & Johnson, Nutravail Technologies, and Mad Croc Brands. Sr. Executive with over 35 years of experience leadership, operations, sales, and international experience, which created incremental sales, reduced costs, and profitable results.


Terry Hamilton, Vice President/General Mgr. Business Operations:
Over 30 years of project and general management experience with a diversified problem-solving attitude. Drawing upon his depth of engineering training and experience to lead teams to clearly define their needs and solutions, he will search for and develop the most cost-efficient and customer-oriented solutions to transportation, warehousing, and inventory control. Terry earned his MBA in engineering from Purdue University and will utilize his background and skills to help manage our client's supply chain and other operational needs.


Mehmet Sadıkoğlu, Chief Liason Officer:

An experienced veteran of international sales with over 10 years as Director of Worldwide Exports for Yildiz Holding. Mehmet has great expertise to advise and guide producers with the rules and regulations of the U.S. market. Extensive history with retailers such as Dollar General, LIDL, ALDI, Magnit, X5, Walgreens, CVS, and more.

Cathy Rice, Financial Manager:

Certifed Public Accountant, with  over twenty years of experience. Cathy has been a leader in helping grow mid side businesses to new growth levels, by streamling their accounting office functions and understand how to translate financial data into information that can be used in their daily business activities to increase their bottom line, grow their business, and ultimately achieve their financial goals.

Brett Macias, BGP Brands:

Since relocating to Ireland in 2016, and establishing BGP Brands in 2019, Brett's primary focus is on key client product development and expansion within the EU and the Middle East regions.  Brett aims to deliver value to his clients by developing sustainable international sales on a long-term basis, thereby adding profit and increasing company valuation.  Brett works with our distributor partners to exchange ideas to build the best plan forward accelerating brand success.

Kelly Clark, Director of External Partnership::

Human Resource and Marketing expertise emphasizes in expanding company partnerships, project management, and customer service. Responsible for customer and client interaction. Extensive experience working with partners Daymon Worldwide, GuipUp, and C.H. Robinson, among others

Maria Rodriguez, Director of Project Management:

Skilled business development and marketing professional. She possesses more than 15 years of experience in the food and beverage industry. As a veteran of one of the world’s major food producers, Arcor, Maria has extensive experience penetrating the U.S. market for global companies in major retailers such as Dollar General Aldi, Walgreens, Ahold, CVS, and others. Maria also has extensive expertise in guiding our manufacturers with national and regional trade shows, such as PLMA, Fancy Food Show, Sweets & Snacks Expo, and ECRM.

Jatna Joyce, Director, New Business Development:

Marketing, communications, and project management professional with over 6 years of experience in the manufacturing CPG industry. Her background in operations includes roles as lead Project Manager for new product launches in private label for major retailers in US, Canada & LATAM (Walmart US, Walmart MX, Walgreens, Target, Ahold, Loblaw, etc); as well as a career switch to the commercial side for private label and national brands from domestic and international suppliers. Through executing leading roles in both operations and client-facing, she’s developed a broad understanding of the inner workings of the industry and how to help clients breach the gap between markets and steer them in the most effective and efficient path. Her motto is “Glass half full,” and she always looks for the opportunity behind every “No”. Jatna holds a Master’s degree.

Bryce Blue, Program Manager: Skilled expert in guiding global manufacturers on how to develop products, market, and price and promoted for the U.S. market., Bryce brings to HRS Global a passion and excitement to assist her manufacturing partners in building and growing their business base in North America.  Bryce has excellent project management skills and is a great asset to our client's growth.

Sean Hamilton, Office and Logistics Operations Manager:

Manages client requests for samples, data, retailer surveys, and product requests. Oversees the shipping and storage of samples and manages retailer competitive surveys and analysis.

Cliff Reid, Fulfillment- Production Planning:

Extensive background in warehousing and inventory systems, production planning, marketing, project management, and customer service. Significant work experience includes managing 3,600 projects yearly as Director of Marketing Operations for Humana; Business Consultant for WorkOne with 200+ clients; and Director of University Graphics for the University of Louisville.


Tami Reichman-Clark Logistics and Operations Coordinator:

Tami is a recognized name for HRS Global as she was a former team member of strategic partner Logical Edge and provided excellent warehouse and logistics support to our manufacturers. Tami’s approach for our manufacturing partners is to focus on the daily tasks and work that need to be completed each day, ultimately leading to the success of that manufacturer in the U.S. 

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