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ECRM & Rangeme - Key Virtual Platforms during the Covid-19 Pandemic

It is more than clear that Covid-19 has changed the way we do business. What every one thought would be a two to three month pause of activities has become an indefinite halt. In-person meetings are no longer feasible and major trade shows, both national and international, have been basically cancelled for this year. So how can new vendors let themselves be known and present vendors keep on presenting new items?

For many years, HRS and its partners have relied on ECRM and their planning sessions to connect with multiple retailers and distributors. Within 3 to 4 days, we manage to meet with about 20 or more potential clients to either promote current business or open new opportunities. ECRM has now made it possible to hold these planning sessions virtually which has helped us and our clients continue to present and followup on new business.

ECRM also features Rangeme which works as an online catalog for Distributors and Retailers to explore and see different product categories in one platform. That way, if there is any interest, they can contact us directly to follow up on any interest and potential opportunities.

For more information on ECRM and Rangeme, please see the following links:



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