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Peyman Reinvents Sunflower Seeds

Peyman sparks a new sunflower seeds movement and transforms the traditional taste adding a new twist to this healthy snack favorite!

Gluten-Free with Sea Salt

Peyman's innovation is focused on the changing priorities and expectations of consumers. They have broken grounds by creating new categories, production systems, and flavors. Peyman CEO Kaan Baral stated that, "From the comprehensive consumer surveys we conducted, we have seen that the biggest consumer expectations regarding sunflower seeds are their naturalness, freshness, and full, well-roasted and unspoiled joy of cracking kernels. With our capacity to manage a 360 degree innovation, we have made investments in our production processes along with intensive R&D initiatives. Consequently, we introduced a new line of gluten-free and healthy sunflower seeds to our consumers.

Packaging Counts!

Offering these natural and additive-free sunflower seeds in zipper packages to the consumers for the first time, Peyman presents the experience of having tasty sunflower feeds that remain fresh all the time.



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